Do Fuel Injected Cars Have Carburetors User Manual

Do Fuel Injected Cars Have Carburetors User Manual - 21.12.2008  · my vitara JLX 1994 model. how can i find this out? i changed the air filter with a new one and the engine started to vibrate so hard. so i put back the old one. i think carburetor if present needs cleaning. is it a easy job? im bit mechanically inclined.i love to do. Off-Road Forums & Discussion Groups ( -. Toyota Pickup Carburetors are found in vehicles that came before fuel-injected engines. For additional help including For additional help including rebuild videos, free manuals, and troubleshooting, please see our technical section..

This can be done but you have to make sure the intake you buy will bolt up to the EFI engine which you can find at Summit Racing or Jegs order online or from a catalog they will send you for free where you can also find all the linkage and everything else for the swap.. However, TBI systems have better cold start characteristics than a carburetor because they provide better atomization and do not have a troublesome choke mechanism. A TBI system also makes it easier for an electronic engine control system to regulate the fuel mixture than an electronic feedback carburetor. Throttle Body Injection systems were only used briefly during the 1980s as US vehicle. When your car's engine becomes flooded with fuel, the spark plugs become wet and the necessary spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture is shorted to ground instead of jumping the spark plug gap and igniting the mixture..

Older cars have carburetors, but electronic fuel injection (EFI) offers greater fuel efficiency and improved performance. One of the most difficult parts of the DIY fuel injection conversion is tuning the chip that runs the EFI.. Disconnect the fuel lines from the pump. Remove the fuel pump. Install a high-output fuel pump. Attach the original fuel supply line from the fuel tank. Attach the new fuel line that connects between the pump and the new EFI throttle body. Reconnect the original wires to the new pump. Mount the EFI throttle body with fuel injector on the intake manifold. Connect the new fuel line from the fuel pump to the. I have not had a customer who asked me to perform a conversion on his car, so I can not tell you how much work is actually required. I am of the opinion though, that FI is better for power & economy. Don't accept if you did not find this information helpful if you do accept, but have further questions, post them to this topic so that we can continue the conversation..

Free Carburetor Repair Manuals Manuals are downloaded as PDF files. Some are very large and might take some time to download, depending on your internet connection.Please do.

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